Welcome to the 2016 Whole Woman Conference


Success-Woman-outstretched-armsBy God's grace, we have flourished over the past ten years. Occasionally our times together have been quiet and reflective, sometimes noisy and hilarious! But always a serious study of His Truth has emerged.

In January 2014, we crossed a line. So great was the response that we had to close registration and turn women away. Our 2015 conference was great and well-attended.

The 11th annual Whole Woman Conference is set for January 22-23, 2016, at the Community Center in Clarksville, Virginia.The Whole Woman Conference has established itself in the Clarksville region and has woven its ecumenical presence as an important hue in the worship tapestry of many, many women, all of whom have significant stories. Registration for the 2016 Whole Woman Conference will open November 1, 2015.

The title of our 2016 conference is Are You Talking To Me? Jane Lyon will be our worship leader.

New last year: an exciting opportunity for moms was added -  Crusader Camp. The camp will be held at Clarksville Baptist Church Early Childhood Education Center under the direction of their preschool staff. It will be offered simultaneously with conference sessions and is for children aged 2 -12.

Coming soon, information on the Louisburg NC Whole Woman Conference to be held October 23-24, 2015, at Louisburg College. Please check back here for updates.

 Join us as together we experience what it means to ask these questions. 

What kind of Prayer?   What kind of Expectations?   What kind of Change?

Through stories captured in Scripture, as well as through stories mirrored in real life experiences, we will "come aside."

Relax, Renew, Recharge with other women like you.

We will explore some thought-provoking questions about prayer.


Is prayer a complicated dialogue
     or a simple conversation?

Is prayer a ritural or a relationship?

Is prayer a time of devotion
     or a timely dilemma?

Are you sometimes paralyzed
     by everyday reality?

Are you betrayed by your words
     when you try to pray?



Does prayer have to be mysterious?

Do you need to slow the pace
     and lower the volume?

Is it time to slice through all the static
     that surrounds you?

Do all the moving parts of your life
     have too many rough edges?

come aside

WWC PlanningTeamLet's face it, ladies: sometimes girlfriends just need to get together!  There are many benefits of coming together, of asking common questions, of seeking answers.

There are even more benefits of "coming aside."

We can't wait for your questions!